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    The Myth Of American Meritocracy Pdf Free


    According to Caltechs Common Data Set, the most important factor in Caltechs undergraduate admissions decision is rigor of secondary school record with extracurricular activities rated as important along with GPA and standardized test scores; Caltech also takes into consideration alumni/ae relation as does Harvard. Despite this, as discussed in footnote 53, top math/science students score higher on all sections of the [P]SAT than do top humanities/social sciences students. [26] [27] assuming Unz-ian logic -- I am by no means suggesting that Harvard should admit the 2000 highest SAT scorers among its applicants. [93] It is absurd that Unz would use the term official statistics (emphasis mine), as there are no official statistics on the Jewish enrollment at Harvard, just Hillels estimates, which are accompanied by a disclaimer stating that their statistics are estimates. [69] Id also like to point out that Yuval is an Israeli/Hebrew name, so Unz may not have counted the STS finalist named Yuval as Jewish either. Espenshade et al reported in No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal that while white students comprised 66% of the applicants to a group of selective public and private institutions (among which the private institutions were generally described as most competitive, while the public institutions were highly competitive), white students comprised only 56% of the applicants to the most competitive private institutions (vs 86% of the applicants to public institutions): Hence, there are significant racial disparities in different universities applicant pools; as such, one cannot validly draw conclusions about discriminatory admissions practices of a university on the basis of only its reported enrollment. Unzs calculations are from the NCES IPEDS full-time undergraduate enrollment figures for Harvard University, which lists 3,652 male and 3,555 female full-time Harvard undergraduates in Fall 2011, summing to 7,207. Unz goes on to state: Some of my Meritocracy critics have suggested that the ridiculous skew of Ivy League enrollments exists because few of the capable students from most of our major ethnic groups bother applying. I asked Unz to clarify these ambiguities, but he declined to do so, so I had no option but to reproduce his NMS results in order to resolve these ambiguities.


    Unzs analysis of Jewish academic achievement is predicated on his ability to identify Jews on the basis of their names, which proved spectacularly wrong for the one data set on which there exists confirmed, peer-reviewed data about the ethnic background of the students: US International Math Olympiad (IMO) team members since 2000, among whom Unz underestimated the percentage of Jewish students by a factor of 5+, as shown by Prof. I also confirmed with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation that the verbal score had been double-weighted since 1971. [40] Im not claiming that Harvard should be 1% underrepresented minorities; rather, Im merely employing Unzs methodology of comparing the ethnic distribution of NMS semifinalists to that of Harvard students. According to The Crimson's survey of the Class of 2017, Harvard freshmen reported an average SAT score of 2237; furthermore, I estimate that the average SAT score of Harvard Asian-American students and of white (including Jewish) students who are neither recruited athletes nor legacies is 2300+.[18] For the sake of comparison, the mean SAT score of students admitted to UCLA is 2024. Finally, I realize that the distribution of majors among National Merit Scholars may differ from that among National Merit Scholarship semifinalists, but I doubt its significantly different. [91] Pat Buchanan, co-founder of The American Conservative, advanced a similar argument at a talk at Harvard in 2000: Mr.


    [54] Data for Harvard College is taken from Fall Enrollment by Ethnicity, 2011 here: Caltech data is from the Fall 2011 NCES IPEDS data. Other campuses rely on historical data, and, most importantly, there isnt a uniform definition of who is a Jew. This is because top Midwestern students applying to elite universities outside of the Midwest often take the SAT as well and thus would take the PSAT both for practice and a shot at a National Merit Scholarship, while weaker Midwestern students are less likely to take the PSAT or SAT, as the ACT is sufficient for admission to Midwestern colleges. The data on the number of National Merit Scholars attending each university is from the 2011-2012 Annual Report of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Here is a list of Harvards officers and deans: Unz saw fit to mention that current Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust, who is a descendant of Mayflower Pilgrims and was raised in the Episcopal church, has a Jewish spouse. Finally, the gap between white and Asian students at Yale was 32 points (on the re-centered scale) in 2001, while a decade before at Harvard, the gap was 50 points, which corresponds to 60 points on the re-centered scale. At Yale, Connecticut appears to be the most overrepresented state while nearby NY supplies the most students. Indeed, according to The Crimson's Class of 2017 Freshman Survey, 4.5% of international students identified as Jewish.


    It is evident that the question of whether selective universities discriminate against Asian-Americans is a complex, nuanced issue that I believe is impossible to resolve based on public data (which is far more comprehensive than the data available for Jewish students), suggesting the potential need for another OCR investigation (which would have to control for intended major). We had also brought the Faculty to the point of being ready to accept a limitation of the number of Jews, for their own benefit as well as that of the college: In his book The Chosen, Prof. For the casual reader, this summary of my critique of Unzs article may be sufficient, but for those interested, below I provide detailed data to support my arguments and also engage more carefully with other claims and data from Unzs article. Since not all members of the Judaism-themed Facebook groups are Jewish, I personally confirmed the full (including paternal) Jewish heritage of the relevant individuals. Its possible this may overstate the performance of Asian-American students at Harvard; for example, Prof. bd4638e95e

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